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About Me
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My name is Natalie Marie - mommy to Zoe Lucia (pronounced Zo-ee Lu-cee-ah) and Amani Isa (Ah-mah-nee Ee-sah).  Plus my fur-baby named Aiden .


We have moved from the city of Boston to the burbs of Massachusetts, then to New York City (TriBeCa to be exact!) and now currently back in Massuchusetts after the Pandemic. Sharing all that comes with raising two beautiful girls while trying to be the best version of myself.


My happy place is in the kitchen with a cup of black coffee or a big glass of wine (and usually a kiddo helping me) whipping up pretty dishes that will please the whole family and impress anyone. 


I love sharing lots on style for the whole family, home decor, natural skincare & beauty, and everything else in between. All the things to create the best version of you and your life around you.


So I hope you enjoy this transparent, messy journey of motherhood, that I share in hopes to inspire and motivate you to go after your life and dreams. And if your ready I also coach women to creating the life or business they have always dreamed of.


Be sure to comment on posts, follow me on social media and please drop me a line, I love hearing from you!


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