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10 Tips For Sick Season

It is truly insane how sick our family has been!!!

Pneumonia, sinus infections, ear infections, different viruses, coughs, head colds and lots of sickness induced asthma. Ughhhh, am i over it, yes, but is this the end, no. Unfortunately this isn't the end and this is the worse it has been in a long time.

First I am going to start by saying this, if you are frustrated, overwhelmed and just frankly OVER IT, know this: you are not alone and your feelings are valid. This is all hard and can feel defeating and as a mom a lot of this pressure, exhaustion and just fear of sickness (especially in a high risk family) in general falls on mama and can feel unbearable.

Second, here are some tips that I hope can help you get through this time.

  1. Keep meds on hand! I know that it's hard to find tight now but if your kids require an i haler or get high fevers it's a must to have on hand. If you can't find any, try shopping for tylenol or ibprophen in the unobvious places, gas stations, supermarkets, online ( in the AM worked for us!) Christmas Tree Shops, Ocean State and Costco! There are also other fever reducer options that you can shop for on Amazon.

  2. Detox baths! Epsom Salt and baking soda detox baths! Obviously I am not a doctor but this is something I do for me and my family often, for the girls 1/2 cup epsom salt and couple tbsp of baking soda, allow to disolve and then let them soak, I do this for them a few times a week all winter (and beyond).

  3. Keep kiddos comfortable , Zyrtec works really well for miserable runny noses, check with your pedi but this is a life saver for miserable kiddos. Chest rub can help with congestion, have them sleep on an incline, fever patches can help ease a kiddo burning up, saline spray help dry nasal passages, and a steamy shower/bathroom can be the best medicine for a congested little. I usually lay with them on the bathroom floor or have them play in the bath while I run the humidifier and hot shower with one of these shower bombs.

  4. Humidifiers. Yes they take regular cleaning and are a bit of a pain but they keep the air moist, especially when kiddos are coughing ir have that post nasal drip, it also helps with dry winter skin too. We have this one in the girls rooms, and this one in my bedroom, I need a bigger one for our living room next.

  5. Keep the gut healthy, for us this is a big one. We minimize sweets, dairy and up the fermented/pickled veggies, an extra probiotic, up the water intake, and

  6. Priotize sleep! This has been a 2022 goal of mine, and it is even more important when sick or staying healthy! Warm bubble bath, chamomile teas, and a relaxed bef time routine, naps for all!

  7. Get outside! My goal is always an hour a day, but not always easy during these crazy temps, and busy days but always feels so good! I'll share a post on what we wear to stay warm really soon. We also change out of clothes we've warn in school/or in public spaces, no shoes in the house

  8. Degermify the house. Open the windows, for a little bit every day I try and air out our living space and the bedrooms and I also use my diffuser with thieves, thieves cleaner for the laundry and to clean surfaces. We also never wear shoes in our house and always change out of clothes when we get home from school or other public spaces.

  9. Support the immune system, obviously all of the things above support it but we do a few things for our girls especially Birdie who needs the extra boost. This immune propolis throat spray, zinc throat spray(we use these both almost daily but rspecially when we are feeling like we are coming down with something. )vitamin C, so many foods that can naturally give you a boost but sometimes we all need a BIG boost and these gummies are trusted ingredients.

  10. Take time for you. Try and tap out, ask for help, use screen time, take a hot bath or order your favorite meal, tap into your circle to see if they can help or if your partner can hold down the fort while you take a bath, go for a ride, take a walk or geab a coffee from the drive thru.

I am sending you so much love during this timea d hoping that these tips help. Please share yours in the comments.




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