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Ten Things Tuesdays

Happy New Year!! We took ourselves tothe beach for a beautiful magical sunset last night. It made me so gappy, we live 15 minutes from the beach and we don't go enough but this year we are changing that!

I was sitting planning 2023 and realized that I had to get back to my favoriye posts in a different way,(it use to be Fridays Favorites). A way to share things I am loving or simply want to share with you!

Starting next week I'll get back to a routine!

Mama or Motherhood Mondays,

Ten Things Tuesdays

Thursdays we'll share meal plans and recipes!

Saturdays we'll share the newsletter and sale's!

What do we think? We can sprinkle in capsule ideas, sales, kiddo stuff and home stuff within these topics and on my social media, and on LTK!

I am hoping that with some dedication I can stick to a schedule and have fun blogging again. Maybe grow the following to build a community of women that I can help.

Let me know what I am missing or what you want to see more of in 2023 in the comments or on IG.

Here is this week's 10 Tuesday Things.

  1. Sink strainer is a 2022 favorite buy.

2. This felt Christmas tree is still a favorite busy toy and my brothers twins have loved it! I have it hanging in our kitchen. (Love this neutral one and this Valentine's Day one)

3. Love these large containers for our flour and sugar, so much easier to measure!

4. I have these blankets in two colors! So beautiful and looks so much more expensive than they are!

5. Everlane leggings I have lived in this break!

6. Birdie got these floating water blocks for Christmas and they are a hit!

7. We replaced our stools with these and I am so happy. I am going to change the pendants to more of a midcentury look, I really wanted a more beach look butttt hubby is not on board.

8. I am so excited about my gold silverware, will be setting the table soon for a little Vday! I have this tableclothin my cart.

9. I got a little Nespresso upgrade and I am thrilled. It works soooo well, fast and holy moly frothing is 100%.

10. This mask has been a game changer, love it and how gentle it is.

I hope you are having a fabulous week.

Thank you,



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