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New Year, New Vision Board

Are you visual person? Someone who fell head over heels in love with Pinterest? Who pins boards, keeps ads or random magazine scraps for "that thing I'm working on". I am that girl. Always have been.

One of my most favorite ways to start any kind of project has always been collecting images of inspiration, AKA a vision board. I use to LOVE making them with magazines scattered everywhere, scissors, glue, sharpies and a big ol' poster board. But these days, I start with a Pinterest Board, and the Canva app to Make them into a collage. This goes for packing list, a seasonal wardrobe, decorating a space or like in this case a vision board for the year!

Do you create a vision board for the new year? You know a board filled with your biggest intentions for the year, things you'd like to see more of or have more clarity on? Your big goals in the form of images you can look at daily to inspire your decisions... This creator that I follow on IG, Madison said that you should make you vision board your screen saver so I did!! I also think that year I am going to help the girls make them for themselves along with yearly goals.

I hope that maybe this inspires you to at least think about what you want 2023 to look like for you. Pull deep, and remember nothing is too little.

Feeling lost? Ask yourself,

Where do I see myself in work? In location?

What am I wearing? How am I feeling?

Do I want a career change? Do I want to write more? Create something? Cook? Rest? Time for myself? Workout goals? What do I want for my family?

Do I want to travel? New bag (yes even that!!)

More money, always!

Sit, do a brain dump and then list it out. Then create a Pinterest board and put together images on Canva! And be sure to let me know how it goes.




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